About the Village

Why we are special 

The Historic Acadian Village of Nova Scotia is located in Lower West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, on a breathtaking 17-acre point of land overlooking picturesque Pubnico Harbour, and represents the unique Acadian culture of Nova Scotia. Le Village’s mission of providing a greater understanding and appreciation of the Acadian culture, traditions, language and way of life is fulfilled by allowing visitors to take a step back in time and experience traditional Acadian culture and the lifestyle of bygone days. Visitors learn and enjoy history as it unfolds before them through animators in period costumes who re-enact many aspects of the Acadian life of yesteryear, leaving our visitors with a deep appreciation of the history and lifestyle of the Acadians of Nova Scotia.

Le Village demonstrates many aspects of the life of the Acadian fishermen, including the building of boats, lobster-fishing traps, mending fishing nets and much more. Interestingly, upon their return from exile, our ancestors resettled on lands less than ideal for farming, and were compelled to turn to the sea for their livelihood.

Visitors will delight in Le Village’s spectacular natural ecosystem, as they discover a variety of fauna and flora, and enjoy the panoramic view of various species of sea birds soaring over and near the beautiful shorelines, marshlands, islands and waterways of Le Village.