Job offer

Job offer for student at the Village Historique Acadien.


Position Title: Interpretive Guide

Organisation: The Village Historique Acadien de la N-É

Position Location: Lower West Pubnico, Nova Scotia

Work month: June 1 to August 28, 2020

Duration of employment: 13 weeks

Hourly Wage: $ 12.75


Eligibility criteria:

All students must:

- be registered in the online YCW candidate bank;

- commit to working during the entire hiring period;

- not have any other full-time job (more than 30 hours per week) during employment.


In addition, any student who participates in the summer program must:

-have been a full-time student (as defined by their educational institution) in the session preceding their employment;

- intend to return to full-time studies in the semester following their employment.


Brief description:

This work includes:

- Attend the planning of the interpretation.

- Interpreting the daily life of the Acadians of yesteryear.

- Ensures that it is able to offer visitors a memorable experience.

- And most importantly - Working with our visitors.



- Knowledge of the history of Acadians, and an appreciation of the importance of the Village Historique Acadien for Acadians, as well as visitors.

- The candidate must be bilingual.


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Roland d'Eon at (902) 762-2530.