School Programs

Tasks at the Village are fun!

What was life like for Acadian families in the early 1900s?

Find out for yourselves!

Our school trip program introduces students of all ages to the daily life of Acadians in the early 1900s. Girls learn skills such as sewing, doing laundry, cooking, making butter and candles. The boys learn skills such as tying knots, trying their hand at woodworking, watching the construction of a wooden lobster trap, learning the proper way to stack wood and helping to plant the gardens.

The students will take part in four activities for 20 minutes each, as well as a site tour.

Activities are adaptable to all grade levels and are offered in both French and English.

Schedule: arrive at 10:00am and spend two hours and a half on our site (flexible).

Lunch time: bring your own or pre-order from our very own Café (special prices available). Picnic tables are also available on the Village site.


Fees are $3.50 per student, while teachers and/or chaperones as well as bus drivers are free. Parents attending that are not chaperones pay regular admission fees.

One chaperone for each group of ten; fifteen students require two chaperones (determined according to the number of girls and boys).

Booking Information

Contact program director: Pierrette d’Entremont

Telephone: (902)-762-2530 or toll-free:1-888-381-8999

Fax: (902)-762-2543