Youth Summer Camp Program

Children at the Village (Modified due to Covid19)

This summer camp is designed mainly for the youths from the Municipality of Argyle (West Pubnico School, Belleville School, Wedgeport School and Immersion at Drumlin Heights School), who are currently in 3rd to 6th grade. The objective of this summer camp is to frenchify our young people in a place where French is valued to preserve Acadian language and culture for the future. This summer camp will bring to life experiences from yesteryear to young people about their history to ensure that our identity is not lost and pass to the generations of the future.

The day will consist of learning games, doing a little work that youths did back then, music, skits and more. On Friday of each week, the children will present a short play around 2:30PM in the amphitheatre of the Village.

Children will be on the Village site from 10 am to 3 pm with the program coordinator.

The children will be in period costume from the era of the Village (1900 to 1920). The costumes will be provided by the Village and must be returned at the end of each week of the summer camp.

Children can bring their own lunch boxes or can eat at the Café du Crique, at a reduced price.

Parents and children must complete a registration form.

Maximum of five children per week.

Contact Pierrette d'Entremont for more information

Phone: 902-762-2530